XENOPHOB : The European Dilemma: Institutional Patterns and Politics of ‘Racial’ Discrimination

The investigation of xenophobia and ‘racial’ discrimination can provide a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms and contribute to more effective policies and strategies to deal with it. The proposed project intends to map out key practices of xenophobia and racial discrimination in eight European countries and to articulate policy implications to deal with such problems. Key foci for the project are investigations of:

(I) institutionalised discrimination against and exclusion of immigrants and minorities;
(II) the political, manifest forms of racism and xenophobia, for instance in the form of xenophobic parties;
(III) the impact of (II) upon (I)

Among its deliverables will be a report on discriminatory landscapes for eight countries, a report giving voice to the immigrant experiences, a report on racial politics, and a final scientific report as well as a report on implications of the research for policy.

Projects’ documents :

Mapping Discriminatory Landscapes In Cyprus : Ethnic Discrimination In The Labour Market And Education : Nicos Trimikliniotis & Panayiotis Pantelides.

‘Immigrant’ Focus Groups : Masoud Kamali, 2003.

Discriminated  Voices – Cyprus Report : Nicos Trimikliniotis.

Voices of Migrants: Education and ‘Racial’ Discrimination : Nicos Trimikliniotis, Yiannos Papayιannis and Masoud Kamali.

Immigrant Voices Speaking Back: Criminality, Security and State Processes : Nicos Trimikliniotis and Yiannos Papayiannis.

Institutional Discrimination In Cyprus : Nicos Trimikliniotis.

Institutional Patterns of Discrimination (Main report) : Masoud Kamali.

Socio-political Developments and Impacts (Cyprus report) : Nicos Trimikliniotis.

Discourse Analysis of Politics (Cyprus Report) : Nicos Trimikliniotis.